Welcome back, my crafty CE friend! Hah! Down we have gone! How far is the real question! Use your imagination! You’re thirsty so you take a sip. Sip.. sip… sip it up! Down… down…down further you go! You’ve landed yourself back here at my blog! Creating like crazy we are! My… my… how we have lost track of time. We’ve made envelopes to take back home!

Just do it! Take the sip! Down… Down… We gooooooooo!!

1. Begin by cutting some paper to create your background
2. Alter your chipboard pieces with embossing powder, acrylic paint, and wax
3. Use gold wax to enhance the chipboard hat, tag rings, and word cutouts
. 4. Adhere the backgrounds and trimmings to the envelopes
*Hint: Cut out some thin pieces for trimming the top and bottom of the envelopes
5. Begin layering with the chipboard key plates, fleur de lis, and chess pieces
6. Next put down the paper cutouts and the ribbon quote
7. Finally cover the focal image and splatter the envelopes with watered down paint
*Hint: I think this splatter really helps add contrast

Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!

Do what you can to keep your saaaaaaaaanity!! *Wink Wink*