Welcome back to another post here. I would love to share a project I’ve been sitting on for a while now. Hopefully like starts to slowdown and straighten out and I will more time to create.

This violin I found at an old thrift store, I have had my eyes open for one for a while now and I finally came across one at a reasonable price. It was missing some key componets to make it work and I think the cost to replace and repair was maybe too much for the previous owner. One persons junk is another persons treasures.


I have a short video of the creative process. Lots of painting and blending on this project. But now-a-days I just need to shut the mind off and relax. Painting does that for me.

I started with Andy Skinner’s Floral Grundge Rice paper, I knew stamping would not really work plus the fine finish of the beautiful instrument would make it hard to do much on. I decided to decoupage the rice paper and cover up the glossy outside.

Once dried, I added the Ledger stencil to the top of the violin, I used a matte gel knowing it would dry clear. I didn’t want too much taken away from the focal points of the project. Once the gel was dried I simply added some Quinn gold watered down to the background.

I love the sand texture technique with the gears chipboard. Using the small gears and the 1 1/2 inch gears along with the Pipe works, I added the sand texture paste and set aside to dry. Once dried, I used a combo of paints to achieve the rusted look to the chipboard. I felt like it was so muddied up so I added some Cobalt teal to the gears and pipe work to separate the base of the violin and embellishments I added. A little dry brushing to highlight the peaks and the violin is brilliant. I love the look it achieve once I added some ink distressing as the final touch.

This project I will be keeping for years to come, I just love the look!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy and be creative.



Gears 1 1/2″

Gears 3/4″


Ledgers Stencil