Hello, CE fans!

Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been looking forward to Spring this year. I can’t think of a better way to hop in than to start crafting. This month with Creative Embellishments Blog we will be goin’ country! I just can’t get enough CE chippys! Look at all those fruits and vegetables! They’re just perfect with this fresh country bunny, don’t you think?!  I hope you will be inspired to make something sweet, fresh, and hoppin’ fun!
Product List
***Take my hand and let us breathe in the fresh air!***
1. Begin by choosing your paper collection
2. Alter your chipboard pieces using acrylic paints
3. Trace your bunny decor piece, cut it out, and adhere it to the surface
4. Start the layering process by adhering your paper cut-outs first
*Hint: I cut and distressed my paper pieces so I could layer them*
5. Add your flowers next
*Hint: I use the flowers to help layer the vegetables
6. Now you can adhere your vegetable pieces one by one until you’re happy
7. As your finishing touches add some rhinestones and quotes

**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**