Hello there my fellow CE fans! Welcome back! Let’s create something unique and different with some beautifully cut home decor and chipboard pieces. This year I am taking Christmas to a whole different level. I am unusual; therefore, I like unusual things. Christmas is no different. Our Christmas tree is black if that tells you anything. I love all the quirky and odd things. If I had it my way, Halloween would bleed into Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I would bring in some kind of cute here and there. Today, for instance, we’re going to be altering this deer decor piece to celebrate the upcoming holiday. What are we waiting for, let’s go!
Let’s get our sparkle on!!
1. Begin by laying down some texture or lacey paper to your Deer – Home Decor create some background interest
2. Next paint the surface using black gesso
3. Dry brush the entire surface with silver acrylic paint
4. Water down some bright yellow acrylic paint and splatter the surface for contrast
5. While that dries, matte your paper embellishments and distress their edges
6. Alter your Snowflake Borders – Winter and Snowflake Shaker using silver acrylic paint
7. Splatter the chipboard surfaces with the same yellow paint
8. Begin your layering with the border piece then the shaker
9. Finish up with some festive quotes and some Melting Snowflakes Flair
**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**
**I had a blast making this with you today, happy holidays!**