Good morning!
I am lucky to madly in love with my hubby still after 22 years of marriage and I love to create layout about him

so to create this layout I started by covering my Craft O’clock paper with clear gesso and allowed to dry.


I then used the small circles stencil with black ink and the crackled brick stencil with texture paste mixed with raw ocher, dark brown and olive green brusho powders to make the correct color. 


I sprayed, misted and splattered different color of mists and the brusho brown powder to add more layers of color

I colored some cheese cloth with the same colorants

I inked and painted the chipboard pieces – the gears, the distressed chevron border, nested rectangles, and the distressed punchinella pieces then splattered with mists


I added some art stones I colored and some seed beads


I also wanted to add some journaling and hid it and used a gear as a ‘pull’

the journaling reads:

Love is not the grand gestures that we see in movies. 

Sure those big things are fun but its the million little things that Jon does that show me how much he truly loves me. 

He goes to bed with me at night when he is home, even when he is not tired and watches videos on his phone with earphones on because he knows I sleep better when he is in bed with me. 

Its the picking of a random flower when he sees it to bring home to me just because he wanted to see me smile. 

It’s the starting of the truck when it’s cold to make sure it is warm, when I get into it. 

It’s the every night phone calls when I crawl into bed no matter where he is or what he is doing he answers the phone when I call at night just so I can hear ‘love you good night’ 

It’s the telling me he loves me no matter who is around – he is not embarrassed by saying it. 

Its the holding my hand when we are walking, the opening of my door when we go out, the ‘thank you baby supper was delicious’ even when it wasn’t. 

It’s the answering of the phone in the middle of night when I call because I had a bad dream or hugging me closer when he is sleeping next to me. 

It’s the little wink he gives me because he knows I find that sexy, the way he kisses me, the love you and miss you I hear every day he is on the road. 

It is all these things and so very much more that I can not list because there are not enough words for everything he does. 

He taught me to not settle and expect more and he is everything


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