I plan on sharing all the projects I made while on my weekend Hiatus with Maggi. Layouts are easy to pack for, small compact, you can through a number of things in a small baggie, vs the big projects that I end up needed half of my room to complete them. So here is another page I made. This is from our trip to Colorado. We rented a sided by side and tooled up the mountain. Such a gorgeous view. So many memories.

Here is a short video of the creative process. Now I value your time and I try and keep them short and sweet.

I did a bit of background work starting with the Distress Patterns Stencil and some bold black paste. Once dried I use the Distress Harlequin Stencil and some Tim Holtz distress paste to give it more of a feel.

I moved on to the chipboards, I have been holding on to the moose and the mountains for a bit. I used some simple spray with the moose and mountains and then actually painted the valley’s of the mountains with white paint. I added some texture paste to the Filigree set and sprayed it to blend and match with the background paper.

After prepping the chipboard, I decided to put it all together. I add layers of paper along with the chip board and the flowers.

So with the page coming together, I wanted to soften the look, easy to do with some dry brushing and bold white paint. But in the end, one more page of memories documented and a fair number of      supplies while gone, which was one of my goals.

I hope you enjoy,

Thank you for stopping by today. Stay Creative!


Moose Set


Filigree Scroll Set

Distress Patterned Stencil

Distress Harlequin Stencil