I like to use large tags as my creative “playground”.  It’s sort of an art journal for me.  I just can’t do traditional art journals, I draw a blank every time I open one.  But, give me a tag, and the mojo sometimes flows.

This is definitely one of those pieces that didn’t have a plan.  I started by adhering a piece of 49 and Market design paper to a large tag and then though hmmm, those Little Birdie succulents would look good with this paper.  Then I grabbed a harlequin stencil and stenciled on a harlequin pattern.


Well then I remembered those harlequin chipboard pieces and thought they’d look nice too.  I heat embossed them with Stamependous Shabby Chic embossing powder.

Then I added my succulent garden.  Love these from Little Birdie Crafts.  Dont ask me why, these little cherubs in my stash just popped in my head.  So now it’s a cherub garden!

So I thought, if I’m going to have cherubs, I need an angel/cherub kinda word, hence peace.  Works for me.  😄
Well. that’s how one thing leads to another!  Hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through my creative process!  Thanks for joining me.


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