Hey, all my beauties! I’m back!! It’s July, I can’t help but make Independence Day-inspired works this month. There is so much to be thankful for this month all year round, really. Importantly, in just a couple of days our country gained its independence. Even though we weren’t there, it doesn’t diminish the day in any way. If only they could see where we are today, could you imagine?! Our founding fathers would be speechless… but, I imagine some of them being open-minded enough to explore, learn, and adapt. Did you know that CE has clear acetate tags?! I had such a good time making this oversized tag! The possibilities are endless with these beauties.
**Let’s get our creative juices flowing!**
1. Begin by using some gold paste on the back-side of the Large Clear Acrylic Tag
2. Use your Typewriter Keys Stencil and some black paste to give the background some texture and dimension
3. While that dries, alter your paper and Stars and Stripes Banner, Stamp Corner chipboard elements
4. Distress the edges of your paper embellishments using some black ink
5. Adhere your banner chipboard pieces first
6. Now your first layer of paper elements using double-sided foam
7. Use some cardboard pieces from old boxes to prop up some of the smaller pieces
8. Add some sticker quote embellishments
9. Finally, add your metal embellishments and jute strings 
**Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!**

**I really enjoyed making this with you guys today! Stay crafty!**