Maggi here to share my favorite road trip with you.  In 2019 we drove from our home in Tennessee all the way to Alaska.!  The highlight of the drive is the Alaska Highway and the photos here show the beginning and ending of the highway.  Once again I am using a flat format so this page will actually fit into a scrapbook!


Every good layout needs a title right?  I heat embossed this Creative Embellishment word set  with detail black embossing powder.  I think black is a perfect accent color on this page.


I used Stamp Frames that are also heat embossed with the cut-apart and map.

Now I’m having a good chuckle as I wanted to be sure to include the length of the Highway and looked it up on several sources, 1,387 miles.  And…I just noticed that it is printed on the map, 1,390 miles. HA! Well then, there is a perfectly good explanation for the discrepancy.  You see, they are always working on the Highway and straightening it out which changes the length of the Highway from time to time!

Just a little history.  The Alaska Highway was built during WW II in 8 months and at the time it was 1700 miles long.  It was quite an engineering feat and is a testimony to the diligence of those involved in building it.  They faced seemingly unsurmountable problems, yet they perservered.  The road used to be a twisty, gravel road.  But today, it is a nice drive, with the only problem being the occasional frost heave in the northern parts and the never ending road construction!


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