Hello everyone! Welcome back to the CE blog. Today, I am creating with some amazing CE chipboard pieces. I had a creative block going on for a bit after I made those albums you’ve seen recently. So this is me getting back to it using some random pieces from my craft room. I really didn’t think about this much. I went shopping per se and chose random things which produced what you see here. It’s so freeing to just create with little thought behind it all. Overthinking doesn’t provide results, but thinking more simply can shine a light on the brightest of ideas.
***Let’s turn the lights on, shall we?!***
1. You’ll want to begin by laying down a nice layer of black gesso over the entire canvas
2. While that dries, alter your Idea Bulbs, Steampunk Wings Set 2, Riveted, Large Black Gear Set, and bulb casting using both black gesso and yellow acrylic paint
*Hint: I used an old sponge that had some black in it so essentially I got lucky with the altering
3. After the gesso is completely dry, use some paste through the Metal Stencil for some background texture
4. Using some silver wax add it to the edges of the riveted plates, bulb, gears, and words
5. Assemble your layout beginning with the riveted pieces, lightbulb casting, wings, then the gears
6. Next, add some contrast by using a brighter shade of yellow to splatter the entire surface
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast
7. Distress the edges with the same yellow acrylic paint used to alter your embellishments
*Hint: This gives the piece some extra contrast and gives it a complete finished look
8. As the final touch, add your lightbulb quote
***Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!***
**I had fun creating this with you today. I hope you did too. See you next time!**