Hello, again my beauties! Welcome back! I have made something different for you today. I very rarely take on projects quite like these because I know the amount of time, effort, and planning that goes into them. There are those times when you want to make something super special for someone in your life. A personalized album like this is enough to bring a tear to even the hardest of people. There are so many different areas for little notes and surprises. This is album 1 of 3 for those special someone’s in my life. Don’t worry, I will share each of them with you in due time. Hehe… when they’re done that is. For now, let’s start with this beauty right here.

***Let’s get to crackin’ shall we, we have a bit of work ahead of us here.***

1. You’ll want to begin by deciding what collection you’re going to use
*Hint: There is a lot of foot-work to do before assembling*
2. Cut out all your pieces of paper to fit each panel including the cover front and back
3. Adhere each piece of paper to their coordinating panels then add your texture
*Hint: Be patient, let the past dry before moving on
4. In between texture drying, you can alter some of your tags and other embellishments
5. Alter your Gems, Crescent Moons,Clock Hands, and Circle Shaker 5″
chipboard pieces using acrylic paint
6. Distress your paper elements, including all edges (inside and outside) of the album
7. Add your Clock Hands chipboard pieces on the inside panels
*Hint: You want to make sure that the pieces don’t keep the album from closing
8. Adhere all your Gems, and Crescent Moons chipboard pieces and paper cut-outs to the sleeves
9. Make folders on the inside of each cover piece using double-sided foam tape
*Hint: I cut mine to fit each side using the paper to my advantage
*Hint: Only put double-sided adhesive on edge so the tags don’t fall out
10. Finally, some finishing touches such as sequins
*Hint: I liked these because they weren’t too flashy and didn’t cheapen the project
11. The cover! Add the Circle Shaker 5″ to the cover then prop up the wolf using some cardboard
strategically to bring him to life
*Hint: I wanted the wolf to appear more 3D which is why I propped him up in a certain way
12. Add shaker pieces, whatever you have on hand that suits the paper
13. Finally, add a knob to the cover for an extra opening effect

***Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!***

I hope you enjoyed your time with me here today on the blog. Stay creative everyone!