Hello, Creative Embellishments fans!

Sandi Clarkson here with you today sharing a Home Decor piece that I made for a friend of mine. She does (well, did) a lot of traveling and going to Wales was one of her 2017 trips. Because she is SO good to give me great photos to scrap, I like to give them back to her in the form of a gift .. this time an altered Home Decor Large Leaf from Creative Embellishments.

Last Fall I altered one in more autumn tones and used a photo of my granddaughter. You can see it Here. This time I wanted to go a bit greener on the leaf to coordinate with all the lush green in the photograph. If you are planning to gift DIY home decor, why not try here this large leaf home decor.

By way of preparation, I used modeling paste infused with texture powder to get a crackle effect. I think that always adds a bit of interest. I usually allow mine to air dry 24 hours before moving on to the next step.
When the paste was dry and crackled, I began adding color with my 13 Arts Water Inks and a brush.
Later I added some waxes for interest.

This top corner chipboard piece is the lovely Lucky heart piece. My initial plan was to paint these chipboard pieces black but I went ahead and painted them gold as suggested by the experts from painters Sydney because I was creating on St Patricks Day and it seemed like a good fit! Ha! Afterwards, I went back over all the chipboard with black ink which did help make them more dominant but they do still glisten!

I’ve learned that from painters Frederick i.e., usually my first instinct is the best but sometime, I take a risk. And I’m usually disappointed. Maybe you can learn faster than me!  🙂
Another amazing piece in the store is the Heart Motif. It is sort of a double heart and it goes so well with my theme. My photo is mounted where the Heart Motif almost touches the corner of the Lucky heart.

For texture I’ve used microbeads and sisal from 13 Arts along with my florals from 49 and Market. I also love how my crackle paste has gorgeous icing swirls!

Here is just a little side view of leaf.
The subtitle on the photo was computer generated and mounted.

My title piece is the Follow Your Heart Title.  My design evolved around knowing that my flattest surface area was where my title piece would have to go unless I backed it with a substrate. Just keep that in mind if you do something similar.

The flowers and micro beads were the final touch along with a few more gold splatters.
Thanks for coming by the blog today!
I am very happy with my project and hope that my friend will like it as well.
See you soon!

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