Hello Creative Embellishments fans! 

Sandi here with you today sharing an altered MDF birdhouse that I had in my stash and had never assembled. I believe it was made by KaiserCraft and part of a Scraps of Elegance kit.

First I assembled the pieces of the birdhouse and glued them together. Before adhering the front of the house, I painted the inside using white craft paint. Next I added the roof deck and then started layering the Hexagon Shingles. The shingles come in a 12 inch length, so I cut that in half to give me 2 sections. (There are 10 shingle lengths in a package.) I glued and painted almost simultaneously as I added the shingles. 

I do wish that I had added my texturing before I assembled my pieces because it was a little tricky adding the brick design afterwards.  I’ve used the awesome Crackled Brick Stencil along with super heavy gesso to create the brick effect.  After that was dry, I added color using my 13 Arts water inks. I had planned to use blue but then decided to that might look too wintry for a March project.

For inks, I did a mix of Bordeaux and Violet. I painted it on and then misted it wth water to make it run. Also, I splattered some of the ink all over the house except for the roof. Later I splattered with watered down white paint.


I rummaged through my Creative Embellishments stash until I found a small frame that I could paint and use around the opening in the front. I thought that finished it off nicely. It is the Small Intricate Frames 2 set.


Then for textures I’ve added the purple moss over cheesecloth along with a few florals and pinecones. This project actually took quite a few hours before it was all said and done, since I had the assembly to do as well. But I will never look at it without remembering the Texas Snowmaggedon of 2021 and our 56 hours without power during frigid temperatures. That is really why I didn’t go with Blue. Thank goodness we have a daughter who lives nearby and who had heat!

Please enjoy all these close-up photos:




And that’s about it!

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Creative Embellishments products used: 


Hexagon Shingles

Small Intricate Frames 2


Crackled Brick Stencil