Hi, Hi, Welcome back to another post. I would love to share with you a fun mixed media project I got to sit down and make. My hubby had given me a variety of scrapes he was going to throw out. I knew I wanted to use the new wood pieces that were in the store. I choose to use the large oval wood decor.

I made a short video of the creative process.

I added a layer of paper to the base of the wood. After letting that dry I added some stamping with the Distress Text Stamp. I wanted to pull more elements from the paper.

Using the Distress Clocks Stencil, I added embossing medium through it and embossing powder, I think I should have used the stamp pad instead of the dabber. It got a little gunky. But I knew I was going to cover most of it up so I wasnt too worked up about it.

I added some thick texture with some sand paste and the Harlequin Stencil. Because it was so thick, I had to set it aside for awhile and move onto something else while I waited.

I took the Small Gears Set and the Gear Clusters along with the goodies from the DH. I added a fine sand texture to all of them and let them dry before painting a rust effect with acrylics.

Once everything was dry,  this is were the fun begins, I start to build up the focal points  with the chipboard, metal pieces and little bits and bobs I have laying around.

Once the front is finished, I begin work on the back with patching together old, I mean old (1870’s) paper from old medical publications and books. I cover with a thick layer of crackle glaze and set aside to dry. Once it is all dry I age it with some “dirty wash” paint.

I hope you enjoy the project today, I really had fun making this one. Stay creative and thanks for stopping by!


Oval Home Decor

Harlequin Stencil

Distress Type Stamp

Gear Set Small 2

Clocks Stencil

Gear Clusters