Hello again everyone! I am back this month with something completely different. I am going way outside my comfort zone with this make. I am trying my hand at some very basic abstract art here. I’m starting with two colors as you see, yellow and pink with accents of black and gold. I am inspired by a very good friend of mine who does some amazing abstract pieces. In light of the upcoming holiday and my amazingly supportive friends from the “Together We Are Stronger” YouTube live group I created this piece. The heart castings belong to each one of my friends who also have a golden crown above their heads and an angel watching over them constantly. The colors are bright and beautiful like their souls!! Thank YOU for inspiring me!
***Let’s get started, shall we?!***
1. Start by laying down a nice line of yellow paint across the canvas
Hint: Paint upwards away from yourself, but not covering the entire surface
2. Do the same thing with the pink paint
Hint: I wanted yellow as my main color which is why it covers more of the surface
3. Repeat your layering of paint until you are happy with the results
4. Once your paint is dry, splatter the surface with watered-down black paint

5. Alter your chipboard

and resin castings using black paint. The resin can actually be bought, if you have a have a peek here

6. Paint the molds lightly using some blue impasto paint and rub it off
Hint: This highlights the deeper areas
7. Lightly brush on some of the paint to the chipboard pieces as well
8. Highlight the raised areas of the castings using gold wax
9. Do the same to the chipboard pieces using blue wax
10. Now lay down all your elements beginning with the chipboard pieces
11. Lastly, add some black rhinestones to the lace chipboard and highlight them with gold wax
***Here are some close-ups for you to enjoy!***
I hope you enjoyed your time with me. Until next time stay healthy and stay creative everyone!