Hello all, I hope Halloween will be good for you all. Here in the Midwest, we have had snow storms and lots of accumulation. I keep telling my kids, “back when I was little I remember trick-or-treating in the snow, wrapped in a black garbage bag.”

I picked out two tags, one from the Tag 2 Set and one from Tag Set 5. I found paper to get in the Halloween spirit, and adhered the paper to the tags. Before moving to the shaker chipboards.

On this blue tag, I used the Spider Shaker. I painted each of the layers and finished off the legs with some embossing powder to add a hairy effect to it. I took caution with the heat gun not to melt the plastic layer of the spider.

I finished off the cluster with the Haunted Flair. The back of the tags, I finished off with old Norwegian paper and some varnish.

On the second tag, I used the Candy Corn Shaker, I put a variety of shiny fun things in each of the sections after painting. I again made a little cluster of flowers and embellishments and topped it off the the Boo Flair.

Here is a short video of the creative process.

Thank you for stopping by today, Happy Halloween to you and your families.


Tag Set 5

Tag set 2

Boo Flair

Haunted Flair

Candy Corn Shaker

Spider Shaker