Hello dear friends!!  It’s Kathy Mosher back with another layout of the grandsons and my son-in-law and a fun grungy, steampunky layout.  I haven’t done one of these in a while, and this one was really fun, as a special thanks for these young men in my life and all the joy they bring me and have brought me.

I started by using Stamperia’s “Clockwise” paper collection.  This piece of paper is very busy covered in clocks and gears.  I couldn’t resist trying it out with my photo.  I started by printing my photos in sepia to match the tone of the paper, used several different medias for the mats, a tag from the collection with the printed chain, a torn sheet from a magazine, corrugated cardboard that a rubbed copper wax on.  I topped it all off with some metal embellishments from Finnabar’s Mechanical gears and trinkets and vintage numbers.  The numbers are the ages of the boys at the time the photo was taken.  I adhered the photo to a Large Clock Face 6″  I used black gesso on all the chipboard pieces you see.  On the clock face I hand rubbed “Aged Brass” Wax from Art Alchemy.  Love that stuff!  I just lightly touched it in a few places.


I also used some Clock Hands, and I  the Prima Rust Paste on them.  More details below.

I really had a good time with the corners of the layout.  I decided to use the Steampunk Pipe Corner in 3 of the corners.  I also decided to use the Prima rust paste to give them the really corroded rust look.  Step 1 you paint your piece with black gesso.  Step 2, Use the brown paste and dab the chipboard.  Step 3, Use the rust color paste and dab over the chipboard.  Step 3,  Use the yellow gold color paste very sparingly.   I really like the effect, but you have to use the colors carefully to get the look you want.

Here’s a realllllll close-up!!


On the top right hand side of the layout I wanted to use the Scribble Bulbs which I painted with black gesso first and then rubbed with copper wax and turquoise wax.  The copper was last.  At the top of the lights  I attached a corner set of gears left over from another photo corner set that I didn’t use.  It fit perfect here.

I added lots of metal trinkets, gears, from the Mechanicals side of Finnabar from Prima, tucked in some messy thread for texture and a sentiment that I really love…the world of reality has its limits but the world of imagination is boundless.  I have everyone is finding something, or someone in your life to be thankful for.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Here’s a Great Big Alaska Bear Hug!

Kathy Mosher