Many containers these days are almost too good to be thrown away, like this nut container that I had. I decided to upcycle it for some Christmas treats and can even be used as a Christmas decoration.

I first painted the container with some white gesso, about 3 coats and waited for each coat to dry before painting the next one. Then I dry brushed on some red acrylic paint. Once the paint was dry I then used my finger to rub on some gold wax.

I then painted the Poinsettia Set chippies with acrylic paints and also rubbed some of the gold wax onto them. Layered them up and adhered them to the top of the container with a hot glue gun on top of some gold leaves. Added some half pearls into the center of the poinsettias and dry brushed on some white gesso over them.
Then added a ribbon around the lid and I was done.

Thank you so much for visiting, see you next time!