Creative Embellishments has Christmas, holiday and winter designs to help get your imagination and creativity flowing for the holiday season.

Jennifer Snyder here to share a piece of home decor I made featuring one of CE’s newest designs, the Creative Embellishments -Classic Pickup Truck, and accented with some classic chipboard designs,  Creative Embellishments – Pine Trees set  and Creative Embellishments – Berries .

Here are the chipboard pieces I used:

stocking count
stocking count

Chipborad Berries
The table top piece started with a simple wooden frame grabbed from the clearance section at a craft store. It was cheap and it had a nice wood frame.  BAM, in my cart it went.
I bought a small piece of buffalo plaid fabric and cut to fit.

The frame is pretty deep so I wired two grapevine wreaths together and secured them to the frame using eye hooks screwed inside the wood frame.  I am a big fan of securing home decor with  wire when necessary and I never use hot glue.  Hot glue is not durable.

Painting the truck 
Here is a closeup of the Creative Embellishments -Classic Pickup Truck in progress.
The chipboard piece has a lot of details that I believe are necessary to preserve so a paint brush and  heavy coat of paint isn’t probably the best treatment.

I make a paint wash by adding a bit of water to acrylic, dipping a sponge in the wash, and paining with a swiping motion over the surface of the chipboard.  The swiping motion  leaves a consistent, thin layer of paint on the chipboard while preserving the fine details. My House Painter can also help you out in getting the best painting services.

After the paint is dry, I added shading using black distress ink and a soft blending brush.

The classic chipboard designs,  Creative Embellishments – Pine Trees set  and Creative Embellishments – Berries  were painted and accented with glossy accents or snow paste.






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