Jennifer Snyder here enjoying the new shaker card designs from Creative Embellishments .  
These chipboard shaker sets are unique and fun to make, fill, and give.  
I am absolutely obsessed with making shakers but I have to admit the part I hate most is cutting and fitting the acrylic piece – the most essential piece of the entire card.
I’d save anything that had an acrylic package.  In fact, I’d even look for packages that had see through acrylic windows that would be perfect for transforming into shaker windows.  Oh the stack of acrylic pieces I have accumulated and hoarded over the years;  muffin containers, salad boxes,  cosmetics,  toy packaging, etc.
Hoard no more!  Why?  Because Creative Embellishment shaker sets come with perfectly cut and sized acrylic pieces.
Here are the chipboard sets used:
Creative Embellishments – Shaker Set


I kept the chipboard simple in both cards by painting the surfaces and edges with a light cream acrylic paint.   I did find that painting the edges creates a more finished and softer look.
Painting the chipboard with a natural sea sponge is faster and eliminates streaking that can occur with paint brushes.  I did use a fine tipped brush for the edges.
The paper used on the stroller shaker is Maja Design – “Enjoying Outdoors” .
The papers used on the baby boy Onesie is also from Maya Design.  This collection is called “Summertime” .

               I created the boy card for my niece who is having her first baby.  I added the word “Son”  – from the Family Words Chipboard Set for that extra little emotional tug at the heart strings – that “awe” moment.

It’s simply painted with cream colored acrylic and a dab of light blue.
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Thanks for stopping here.   Consider shaking things up a bit with Creative Embellishments new designs.