Now that the days are shorter and the nights are longer, we have the opportunity to see some Northern Lights. Last Friday night it was predicted to have a mild storm and we were located in the band (the kids and I have done a lot of research on this subject). Of course we all feel asleep and we missed it. One memory I have when I was a kid was seeing them with my parents. It is something I hope my kids will experience. The whole concept of the Northern Lights makes it so magical and surreal.

Northern Lights 2.jpg

I made a video of the creative process for you all.


I did a fair number of embossing on this project, I did start with the background using a resist technique with the Grunge Star Stamp and a really subtle embossing colour. Then I  added the little stars from the Star Envy Stencil with plain modelling paste.


I set aside to dry and begin working on the embossing of the chipboards, Using the Constilations, Star Pieces and the Distress Circle Boarder I used layers of embossing powder one on top of the previous one layering and swirling with powder with a metal tweezers.


After all the chipboards were done, it was a matter of working on the background to get the magical and whimsical effects with some Lindy’s. After the background was finished it was just a matter of layering and adding all the fine details with the paper elements, chipboards and flowers.


Once all the layers, time to play with sequins, glitter and microbeads, and to finish it off and just add the tittle.


Thank you for stopping by today.



Creative Embellishments

Star Envy Stencil

Grunge Harlequin Pieces

Star Pieces

Grunge Star Stamp


Distress Circle Boarder

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