I love the sea.  It’s peaceful and calming for me so I  tend to create what soothes my soul.  If you love the sea, then Creative Embellishments has chipboard pieces you will adore.  
Jennifer Snyder here with you sharing my love of sea and chipboard.    
This started out as an 8″x 10″ canvas but after finishing it, I wanted to add a weathered frame for hanging.  The canvas rests on top of the frame – meaning the glass has been removed.  
These are the Creative Embellishment chipboard pieces I used on this framed canvas wall hanging.   
Here’s How I created the Lighthouse
Below is a quick glimpse of how I created the lighthouse.  The package of chipboard lighthouses comes with a set of four unique lighthouse shapes.  Select two of them and do not agonize that they are different.   Don’t let that stress you out….you are an artist – let nothing  with a peaceful purpose  throw you off.
Besides you’ll never know they are different after you glue them together.
Step 1.  Dab two  lighthouse chippies  lightly with whitewash ( white acrylic or gesso mixed with water to thin it out).    I used a sponge because it dabs so much better than a paint brush – but use whatever is easy and handy.
Step 2.  Select which lighthouse you want as the bottom  and set aside.
Pick up the second lighthouse – the top lighthouse – and mark off 1/2 inch sections  with a ruler and pencil.
Step 3.  Lightly fill in  sections of the lighthouse with some blue ink .  I left the pencil lines because they added cool structure when colored ink was added.  Plus I liked the look.
Step 4.  Lightly ink one edge of each lighthouse with brown.  This will add dimension.  
Step 5.  Time to glue the lighthouses together.  I glued the bottom one a bit off center to create dimension and shadows in the windows, at the top, and at the bottom.  I think the effect is very cool.  I’m happy.  
Here are some images of the finished lighthouse piece.
The sweet sea gulls  and background paper are from the 12×12 Stamperia paper collection called Sea Land.   I simply cut them out and added some hemp cord for salty seascape effect. 
As I mentioned above, after I completed the canvas, I wanted a bigger piece for my wall.  The actual canvas is 8×10.  I shopped around for a frame that was worthy of a salty seascape.  This wooden frame looks as if it were made from  weathered wood.  Perfect.  
All I did was set the canvas on top of the frame and glue in place.  I removed the glass to make the frame lighter for hanging.  
 Thanks for stopping here today.
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