I have had this picture of me and Olivia from a  few years back when we were playing out in the snow. She has this sassyness to her that has always been there and is part of who she is. I aged the photo a while ago and just wasnt sure how I wanted to showcase it.


I usually start with background work. Some days  I do more than others, but I wanted to soften the paper and do some blending with the Fishnet Stencil and Fishnet Stamp, before adding the Seaweed Stencil.


After the background work I was trying to use up some of my older pastes, I used some crackle paste on the snowflake page corners  I just dabbed it on with my finger.


I did minimal layers on the page with just some vellum tags and I just focased on the picture and the mormories of the snow, frost and fun.


So unfortunately this page will remain untitled. I am looking for just the right title to capture that sassiness, the flair for the dramatic that Olivia has in all her emotions and manurisms. I will eventually find the right one.


Thank you for stopping by today.



Small Hexagon Background

Fishnet Stamp

Fishnet Stencil

Sea Weed Stencil

Snowflake Page Corner

Distressed Corner Stamp