Hi all, I want to share a fun wintery layout I made with inspriation from a fellow team member Marilyn Riviera. Marilyn has such beautiful layouts and no-one can crease and fold paper like her.

Here is a video of the creative process. I appologize about the shaky camera work at times, I was at a retreat and was given the best light in the place, I just had a card table to work on.

I really wanted to keep the wood grain look from the paper so I did very minimal background work. Some sutble stenciling and a little distressed crackle stamp.


Where I live I get to enjoy all of the seasons to the extreme. From Summer to Winter, and my favorite seasons changes as much as the weather does.


I love the natural elements with the pine cones and who doesnt love holiday berries. I added a little flair with the Winter Flair and Hot Love Set.


I added more natural elements with the Sisal. Using the Pinwheel Panel to added more background details.


So as the seasons change, and we do all our fun family times, like tree hunting, wagon rides, enjoying some time on the lake, in the great outdoors. Enjoy all when ever possible.


Creative Embellishments:

Pinwheel Panel

Distressed Crackle

Hot Love Set

Winter Flair