Hi all, I just want to share a little mixed media journal cover I made. I really want to start to art journal and figured lets just start with the cover. I have a number of art journals I have picked up over the years, but they sit and collect dust. So I need to just get going with it.


I  really love the natural look of the cover and wanted to keep some of it. I added little details with some subtle stamping with some of my favorite stamps, distress corner stamp, checkered stamp and kept the theme going with the grunge stars stamp.  and fine texture with the circuit stencil and paste.  I wanted to keep some of the originality of the cover.

Here is a video of the creative process.

Here are some close-ups


I also like the natural look of the washi clusters so I only sprayed with a light colour spray to keep the details of the chipboard. I also did more flat details on the back of the journal cover to keep the theme going.


Thank you for stopping by today.

Creative Embellishments:
Washi Tape Cluster

Washi Tape Shape Clusters

Dream Word Set

Cricuit Stencil

Distressed Checkered Stamp

Grunge Stars Stamp

Distressed Corner Stamp


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