Hi all, I want to share a little home decor project I did for a friend and her new house._MG_8349

I wanted to make something that works with her rustic theme in her house. So I had found these old pool cans at a thrift sale and figured I could do something really cool with them.


Surprisingly I didn’t want to go crazy and put too many details on them and take away from the true object of what they are. Sometimes too much is really too much.

Here is a short video on the creative process.  Surprisingly other than dry time, this was relatively a small and quick project.


Using various sizes of the stamping gears, 1 1/2 inch and 1 inch for layering. I used the steampunk time pieces as the focal point on the cans. I added more layers with the Steampunk Corners and the Circle Chain Frame.Using the Verday Paint set is almost fool proof. So easy to use and I love the outcome of how naturally aged it looks.


I am sure my friend will love it when I give her dead flowers, but they match perfectly with the rustic look of these new altered cans for her house.


Circle Chain Frame

Steampunk Time Pieces

1 1/2 Inch Gears

1 Inch Gears

Steampunk Corner Set