Hello friends, please meet my “Dream Catcher Goddess”

I created her on an altered frame from the dollar store.

I had a lot of fun creating her and I used a different technique this time for the background.

When I finished my previous project the Steampunk Lantern I got a fabulous surprise as I was cleaning up.

since I could not find my usual table mat which I use to protect my work surface when using color sprays I used what I had in hand. With out any luck finding anything in my craft area I turned to my kitchen pantry used what I had.

So wax paper it was..

Without a thought or previous plan I started to color pray my lantern so you can imagine how

my wax paper was after all that color praying..

and to my surprise the pattern it left behind was “AWESOME”

I just knew I had to use it up somehow…

So here I was .. with a dollar store white frame ready to work on and a sheet of yummy color sprayed wax paper..

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE… it is a definitely MUST TRY….

My first step was to prep. my frame. I use a nail file to sand off the shiny finishing of the frame, cleaned the frame and now it was ready to work on. This will leave a roughed up surface area which is what I needed to make sure my medium adheres correctly.

Next I got my colored wax paper and ripped a few pcs. I like to rip the paper rather than cut because this makes the paper easier to work with when you don’t want a straight edge.


For this project I used bee’s wax as my adhesive, since I was working with wax paper I thought “why not”

I used my heat tool to melt my bee’s wax pellets

and it turned out like this.. I did not use color sprays for the background. So what you see is all the wax paper.

13407182_1083968851649477_6499785487424626184_n      13419141_1083969028316126_144033002944587962_n

I used acrylic paints to color the face, dream catcher, antlers, and feathers

Once the chippies where dry I assembled them and adhered them with medium gel.

I also used micro beads to give it a little more texture.

13417430_1083968928316136_9111573237889056397_n           13393901_1083968961649466_8357830661502854570_n

I used gold paint and heat set it with my heat tool, leaving the heat tool long enough on the gold paint to make it bouble

I love this technique and you will see me using it in almost all of my projects.

Well guys, thanks for checking my crafty project out, I hope I have given you all

some inspiration to create a Dream Catcher Goddess of your own.

Till next time

“Happy Crafting”

Here is a list of chippies I used from the shop

Antlers – https://creativeembellishments.com/antlers.html

Feather and Beads Frame – https://creativeembellishments.com/feather-and-beads-frame.html

Dream Catcher 3 – https://creativeembellishments.com/dreamcatcher-3.html