Hello crafty friends.  Please meet my “Time Traveler”


I was inspired to create her when I saw this months challenge picture.  I simply love steampunk and most of all I love creating Steampunk art.   She was sketched on water color paper and stands at 18 inches x 14 inches tall.  I used water colors, acrylic paints, Distress paints, and pastels.  When I first get started and my art doll is sketched I then start to place my chippies in place and at this point I determine which chippies Ill be using and how I will go about coloring them. Once my layout is somewhat in place I start the coloring process.  Everything gets colored separately. First my sketch, then roughly my background, as my image and background dry I then start to color my chippies.

12552527_999821216730908_4580250535532725829_n      12548949_999821136730916_1650411655487527755_n

For this art pcs I colored my chippies with tones of Gold, Rust, Turquoise, Chocolate brown, and gun metal acrylic paints.  Painted them randomly not perfect letting some colors over lap. Once everything is dry I start to adhere my chippies in place with E6000. Once everything is adhered and dry, I start to blend in my chippies and Doll to the background. O go over everything one more time with the same acrylic colors I used to color my chippies.

12548987_999826026730427_7035836192979910783_n   12522927_999826160063747_695034344809274354_n   934168_999825280063835_2123047980287977747_n

12495037_999825033397193_5135568034034005012_n   12509205_999826110063752_7830209460056877156_n

I let everything dry over night and when dry I give my entire surface a nice coat of medium gel to seal in all my chippies, and to seal in the colors. Once dry I go over some areas with a black marker.

12509812_999825776730452_6510742727727981138_n   12509718_999825466730483_3302422971305558480_n

I hope you all enjoy and get inspired by my “Time Traveler”.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Mixed Media Art till next time

“Happy Crafting”

Here is a list of all the AWESOME chippies I used from the shop.

Clock Hands – http://creativeembellishments.com/…/steamp…/clock-hands.html

Gear 1 1/2″ (Set of 12) – http://creativeembellishments.com/…/gear-1-1-2-set-of-12.ht…

Gears 1″ (Set of 12) – http://creativeembellishments.com/gears-1-set-of-12.html