Hello CE Friends! It’s been very busy here and I didn’t have the time to create anything for today’s post.  I decided to feature a few new products and remind everyone that we feature 5 deals of the day at 40% on weekdays. I hope everyone likes the new products.

We added a few new title pieces for the upcoming Holidays.


 A couple deer from a request.

deer set 2-600x600

Thorn flourishes ..perfect for layering roses over.

thorn flourish pair-800x800


A few new frames…..with more to come soon.

oval frame

I had to create something steampunkish  for my fave product line….:)



And here are the deals of the day today!

Did you know that when you scroll down to the bottom of our store there is more information about us. Simply click away for more info.



Also I would like to remind everyone we cut to order so it does take us some time cut your items. WE do not stock items. We simply just do not have the room to do so. It typically takes us 3-5 business days to cut, package and ship your retail orders depending on size of order. If you have any questions on the status of your order please feel free to email us. We use regular first class shipping for our customers depending on size of box. It is the least expensive route because who wants to pay a ton in shipping?? We do however priority ship depending on size of order.  As far as wholesale orders it takes us 7-14 business days to process your orders also depending on size. We use priority shipping for wholesale orders.

Once the orders are shipped we have little no control over how quickly you will receive it.  We do email a tracking number to you however it isn’t always reliable. The post office is not required to scan it at every stop along the way and often. If  the package is going out of the country it gets scanned at the last stop here before actually going overseas. So the last place you may see it scanned is in the US and it may look like its still here and it is actually in your country.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t scan it once it gets to its last destination. It may actually be stuck at customs. Unfortunately this is out of our control. We do our best to make sure we send your package in a timely manner and perfect condition.  We are human and miss things along the way so please email us.  Thanks so much for your understanding.