Hi everyone.  Sometimes when I craft, I just love to play. I had so much fun just playing with this steampunk inspired mask. I embraced imperfection and just enjoyed the process. I cut out sections of a cheap craft store mask and replaced those sections with pieces of the  fishnet panel.  I added just a few of the small gears 2 and medium gears 2 over the panels. The beauty in using chipboard is that it is easy to alter and to bend and conform to shapes.  It made the perfect embellishments for the mask.



I layered loads of masking tape, crinkling subtly as I layered.  The set I used was loose parts 2.  I love the steampunk style. I wanted to have extra texture, so I used extra course texture gel over the tape and chippie pieces to create a pitted effect. I added layers of acrylic paint to bring out the texture and colors.

Supplies Used:

fishnet panel

small gears 2

medium gears 2

mechanical parts