Happy Tuesday. I guess we are supposed to be in store for a winter storm. I went on to weather.com and it says 6-8inches possible. Ummm Ok really? That is not a storm. ¬†Buffalo has had 72 inches before in one day. Now that’s a storm. I guess the forecasters are playing the sky is falling game again. Mountains out of molehills. Ugh they don’t realize how much I love snow. They really need to stop teasing. The storm warning is from Tues. 10pm – Wed. 10pm. Time will tell.

Today I am sharing a few new things we just added to the store. We have finally added 16 new hashtag words/ phrases.(going to add a better picture to the store tomorrow) Our goal is to design hashtags with a theme in mind. (holidays,events, everyday) We also designed a new panel.




Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative Tuesday.